Latest Trends in Mens Hair-Styling London

Hairstyles of men have seen so many variations but in the modern times, the type and the trend have dramatically changed. With the growing fashion trends, men are also experimenting with their personality. Gone are the days when no one has to care about mens hair-styling London. With the changing fashion trends, men are also changing their hairstyles.

mens hair-styling London

There are so many types of hairstyle that are in trend these days and they are:

  1. SPIKE CUT: This is one of the trendy hairstyles for men that are easy to maintain. In this hairstyle hair of a man is short on both the sides and the spike is glued with hair-gel on the top. Hair gel is mostly used to highlight a man’s haircut that adds a charming effect on his personality. This hairstyle looks perfect on the men that have square face cut.
  2. MESSY HAIRDO: This is a very messy hairstyle that looks very attractive. This hairdo is mostly selected by men that have very thin hair. The striking appeal and fluffy feels make a person look totally different. This hairstyle can suit any type of facial structure.
  3. LONG LAYERED CUT: Not only women can have long hairs but men can also have it in recent times. Men have also adopted the fashion trend of long hairstyle which makes them look stylish. They even straighten and curl their hairs too.
  4. CREW CUT: Crew Cut is mostly selected by men with oval face cut. It gives a balanced and unique look to a man’s face that creates an extra impact on his personality. This hairstyle is very easy to maintain that is why it is popular among men and is their all time favorite.

Mens salon has become very experimental these days. They also follow the latest trend to satisfy their clients and to fulfill their requirements.

Phokas & Gurra Hairdressers is a very famous barber shop in London. They have very talented hairdressers who provide various services as children’s haircut, hair styling, etc. They offer various experimental haircuts for children and men. They are one of the best Mens salon in London who is experts in providing the best mens hair-styling London tips.

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