Various Types of Children’s Haircut in London

Nowadays, children have an equal dream of achieving beautiful hairdos like the adults. They also love to create different charming hairstyles and want to look the best among their companions. As a caring guardian, it is the duty to hear their child’s dream and help them in creating stunning haircuts. Children’s Haircut should be done in a way that is manageable and short. They can try different things with various hair styles so that parents are relieved from managing the problems of children’s hair.

Children's Haircut in London

Girls can have more variety when contrasted with young men as far as haircuts. Some basic haircuts for young ladies are depicted underneath:

  • PIXIE TRIM: Short haircuts can be adapted utilizing a razor to make it look sharp. One could also include layers for volume.
  • CLASSIC BOB: This hairstyle is ideal for straight hair and is never out of the mold. One can pick a bob which curls the hair inward or outward around the jaw.
  • BLUNT CUT: This hairdo is usually at the shoulder length where the cut ends just beneath the ear. It is a simple hair style which is upgraded by including borders.
  • MUSHROOM CUT: This hairstyle is used on both girls and boys. It involves a short crop with a couple of layers on the crown. It is further upgraded by making snappy outlines or a few waves around the neck with the trimmer.


  • ARMY OR CREW CUT: It is the best hairstyle for summers. It is generally short in which the hair length is significantly less than one inch.
  • SPIKE CUT: Spikes are created in several types where the child has a haircut with a front spike. The spike is easily achieved by using hair gels and sprays and one has to keep the hair short in order to obtain the desired effect.

Therefore, short hair styles help the child look brilliant and energetic. The best hair artist knows consequently which style would suit the best for a person and furnishes them with hairdresser’s services.

Phokas and Gurra Hairdressers is situated in London. It is a popular salon that strives to bring the best children’s haircut and salon treatments. They offer quality services. Their stylists are experienced enough when it comes to working on fashionable hairdos.

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