Hair Salon for Kids, Ladies and Men

Hair style is one of the major factors to enhance the look of a lady. It is independent of the age, background and culture. A lady always desires to look elegant and beautiful. But with the increase in work pressure it becomes difficult to give attention and care to oneself thus in such a situation it is best to visit a parlor.

Hair Salon is the best place that will take proper care of an individual’s hair, from providing a healthy hair to trendy hairstyles and haircuts. These salons have trained and professional workers who specialize in providing the service according to the customers’ demands.

Managing Children’s Haircut is a stressful task as some kids do not like to go for haircuts. But parents should have correct approach towards the kids and wait until their hairs are long enough to visit a salon. Kids are always good to have small hairs so that it does not block their vision.

Some of the most preferred hairstyles for boys:

  • Spike cut is usually liked by the kids as they can flaunt various types of styles with the application of hairsprays and gel.
  • Mushroom cut is like double layer on the crown.
  • The best cut for summer months are army cut.

Some of the most preferred hairstyles for girls:

  • Classic bob cut that curls outward and inward around the chin.
  • Pixie cut having layers to look bouncy and sharp.
  • Blunt cut style that is shoulder length or the one that ends beneath the ears.

Among thousands of hairdresser available nearby Phokas and Gurra Hairdressers are the best for availing service for all age groups. They offer service for kids, men and children providing them with a trendy and cool looks. They provide service for haircuts, shampoo and bread trim, with basic haircuts to modern styles, using brands from the leading companies such as Tigi, Redken, Fudge etc. for them hairstyling is not only about giving a new look but it adds to the confidence of a person.  They are located in the central Wimbledon, London. An individual can contact them to avail their excellent service not only for haircuts and coloring but also to receive suggestions and advice to keep hair healthy and trendy.

Men’s Hair Style at Salon and Barber Shop.

With the increase in demand by men to have a separate parlor, Men Salon is increasing in demand. Waxing helping them in getting rid of unwanted hairs that make them feel hygienic and free from sweat and dirt accumulation. They can wear low cut jeans and swim wear, it is also said that waxing increases the feeling of sexual excitement and gives a fresh feeling where as visiting a spa increase the sexual stimulation. Hence men salon is a growing business and will evolve in the coming future

Most men prefer to visit a Barber Shop rather than visiting a salon for various other reasons. Some people feel awkward to visit a salon; some don’t want to engage themselves in girly talks and some find it feminine visiting a salon. Salons are evolving and are making comfortable environment for men to come and enjoy their hair cut. Nowadays men’s salon has features related to sports which help them to enjoy games as they get a haircut, they also have service for giving the latest style to men. These salons provide some complimentary service to their customers to add to their comfort and luxuries.


When it comes to hair style, both men and women should be very careful in selecting the product using for style. Different product suits different people, according to the type of hair length and quality. Men Hair Styling products are; hair gel, creams, finishing products and matt products and hair wax. All these products can be used but according to what suits an individual. Hair cut is a major part for hair styling, a proper cut enhances and gives a new look which is further enhanced by the styling products.

Phokas and Gurra Hairdresser is a renowned salon providing service to men of all age groups. They have hair dresser and stylists with many years of experiences. Their stylists give a new identity to their customers with new style. It is a kid friendly environment where they can play their favorite game while the hair dresser gives them a cut. They use the latest techniques to provide with unique style and also skin care facilities. It is the best place for men to get a haircut and a brand new style for themselves.